2021 Riviera Vaudoise Calendar

The Riviera Vaudoise, a place of relaxation, with a singular beauty that is highlighted every season of the year. This place of worship is rich in history and has been cited by famous personalities on several occasions. For Freddie Mercury, “If you want peace of mind come to Montreux”. For Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, this place has been a source of literary inspiration and they have certainly highlighted it their works.

This richness also inspired my project. By choosing the Riviera Vaudoise as the theme for this 2021 calendar, the objective was to highlight the sublime moments that this region offers to these inhabitants.

 In order to respect the brief of the project, a modular grid of 2 X 3 in A5 format was used.

As visual identity between the different months, diagonals were used. They convert towards 2/3 of the right and left margins (symmetrically). In their continuity, lines of force appear from the modular grid, horizontally. In order to take advantage of the different possibilities offered by the modular grid, the resulting triangles were varied, in color or black and white. The placement of the month titles and their days were also varied throughout the calendar, while maintaining harmony and balance for each page.

Finally, the months of May to August inclusive, were constructed in such a way as to show more colors, which best represents this region.

 This project consisted on a Design & Formation school assignment and had the objective to test the possibilities of a modular grid. It was also an opportunity to show the beauty of my region through my own pictures.

Creating a 3D mockup calendar from scratch

Calendar Image Gallery

The pictures behing the creation