Source of life and relaxation

Essential to life, water has many benefits. Through its purity, water envelops us and while cleaning what it touches, water gives us the feeling of having also cleansed our thoughts. Given us a relaxing feeling while immersing us in its transparency, water gratifies us with a peaceful silence.

The objective of this concept project was to create a series of pictograms for a Thermal Bath center.

The minimalist approach used for the design aimed to better represent the purity of the water. The geometric shapes recall the spatial configuration of water molecules.

In order to better portray the transparency of water, a stencil metal support was imagined. Transparency is thus be pictured by the absence of material.

The “Bold” lines of the design give the signage more character and visibility, but also a more refined look.

This choice of metal support offers several advantages, Thermal Baths requiring impeccable hygiene, this type of support can be easily cleaned without affecting its integrity over time.