Book Covers

Arto Paasilinna stood out with its original and contrasting style. Starting with the titles chosen for these works, to the personal and social conflict situations highlighted in his stories, this author inspires reflection.

The objective of this concept project was to create a visual identity for a series of Arto Paasilinna book covers, by appliying 6 types of color contrasts.

Thus, the Complementary Contrast was used for “Le lièvre de Vatanen” book cover, the Cold-Warm Contrast for “La forêt des Renards pendus”, the Light-Dark Contrast for “La Douce empoisonneuse” , the Pure Color (Hue) Contrast for “Petits suicides entre amis”, the Contrast of Quality for “Le cantique de l’Apocalypse joyeuse”, and the Contrast of Quantity for “Sang chaud, nerfs d’acier”.

For the visual identity, minimalistic and geometric shapes were used to recall the Nordic style. For the illustrations the main elements that have played an important role in the unfolding of each story were chosen. Finally, to emphasize the contrasting Arto Paasilinna style, Futura and Baskerville typographies were chosen.

Concept created as an assignment for my studies at Design & Formation school.