Book Covers Illustration Project

During a book cover creation process exercise, taking by example, the Arto Paasilinna book covers, different illustration styles were studied. A more minimalist style was finally chosen in the purpose of highlighting his contrasting style. However, these illustrations, inspired by Arto Paasilinna’s creation, are an example of watercolor based style that could be used in a book cover for example.

Swiss “Découpage Pays-d’Enhaut” Inspired Illustrations

I arrived in this region several years ago, the influences of this place have greatly contributed to my personal development and as an artist. For this reason, I created this illustration as part of the visual identity of Tareca.Art.
Decoupage or the art of cut-out paper is one of the living traditions of the canton of Vaud. In Château-d’Oex, in the heart of the Pays-d’Enhaut, this technique is Centuries old and a museum brings together remarkable works.

Rorschach Inspired Illustrations

Part of a graphic designer’s job is to trigger an emotion in an interlocutor using visual stimuli. How the interlocutor will interpret this stimuli, depends on his environmental influence. This illustration was inspired by the psychic load that is directly related to the world of graphic design.


Switzerland is known abroad, among other things, for its exceptional watchmaking industry and its delicious chocolate. In reality, Switzerland is above all a place where the craftsmanship heritage has been preserved over time. This passion and dedication for the craftsman “know-how” is undeniable in wine farming and its exceptional wines.
With this illustration, I tried to reproduce the craftsmanship, as well as the breathtaking landscapes, shaped by agriculture. This type of illustration could be a good candidate pour a wine bottle label.