Menu and Visual Identity

The purpose of this project was to create the layout of a menu as well as the identity of a restaurant, as an assignment for my studies at Design & Formation school.

The gastronomic richness offered by these dishes inspired the restaurant’s visual identity. A Hipster Cyclist atmosphere, which harmonizes with sober and vintage colors from the 50’s, was proposed.

The world’s tour cycling competitions allow us to discover different countries and cultures around the world. These competitions are generally composed by several stages, the last one being called “La dernière étape” which closes the tour.

The “La dernière étape” for customers would be the one that closes a nice ride with friends. Or simply the meeting place for quick, delicious and balanced lunch breaks that will take us on a journey during our busy working days.

For the restaurant logo, I symbolized the bike as a wheel and added a stage banner, which symbolizes the finish line.