Montreux Jazz Festival 2021 Poster

Restart! As nature restarts each year, adapting to weather conditions, the same is true for the Montreux Jazz Festival. With new stages and respecting new guidelines, the Montreux Jazz Festival does not stop, it reinvents itself every year and adapts to new conditions.

In order to represent the unique gardens of the Montreux region and which have inspired several of my creations, I focused on the feeling of well-being and positivism that this place conveys.

A magical place that many have described in literature, in images and even in music through time, cannot ultimately be imagined, it must be lived.

Sculpting 3D Sprouts


Creating Textures

Scene Elements Set-up

Particles Modeling and application to the scene

Photo editing of background image and application to scene

Final scene adjustments for light, camera angle, focus, elements and particle arrangement…

Montreux Jazz Festival 2021

Restart Poster

Final Result