Museum Brochure

The goal of this concept project was to prepare a brochure for a museum exposition, 24×16 cm on eight double-sided pages. Text and images were provided and were to be used entirely. This project was made as an assignment for my studies at Design & Formation school.

In order to break up the monotony of very dense text, I used grids of 3 and 5 columns. This layout would improve the text readability, by creating pauses across sections.

For the cover of the brochure, the “old school” image used, would highlight the period covered by this exhibition, from 1942 to 1970.

The museum logo and the fictitious dates of the exhibition were placed vertically, for more balance. The original sky of the image was switched to an uniform blue color, in order to have more consistency on the background, where the text elements were placed.

Regarding the typography, the choice of Futura was motivated by two reasons. First, this typography resembles the museum logo’s typography, which allows for more harmony. Second, since this is a sans serif typography, it combines well with Mrs Eaves OT used throughout the rest of the brochure.

Finally, a white color was used for the text elements for more contrast with the blue color of the background.

Regarding the content of the brochure, the choices were motivated by the large amount of material to be introduced into the space imposed by the brief.

Therefore, as the text was very dense, black over white background was used. Because the addition of color would make reading even more difficult.

For the content’s typography, Mrs Eaves OT was varied in Roman, Italic and / or Bold throughout the brochure. Indeed, this typography is one of the most readable in very small characters, so it was ideal for this project.

Finally, the use of highlights would draw reader’s attention to the next chapter and motivate him to continue reading.