Rosablanche Visual Identity

Rosablanche, a legendary passage for the glacier patrol. In the Valais Alps at 3335 meters, nature shows us its gentleness, its indulgence but also its power. In a few minutes, a captivating invitation turns into torments that make us realize how small we are in the face of his will.

When the limit of our strengths appears, self-confidence is a determining factor in fighting, against other competitors but also against oneself. In such conditions, equipment up to the challenge can make all the difference.

To enable us to go further, Rosablanche focuses on enduring, resistant and nature-friendly solutions.

Like our vision, softness, power and robustness are the essential values that are found through our logo. The softness of the brand name is complemented by the robustness and power of the illustration and typography, which make up the logo.

This concept project was created in order to experiment the creation process within a new brand identity design.

The project began with a study of the market in which the brand would operate as well as an in-depth study of the visual identity of competing brands.

The main steps consisted of the creation of the logo, the definition of the chromatic universe as well as the choice of the typography to be used with the Rosablanche brand.

Once these essential points were defined, Rosablanche’s visual identity was rolled out on several media. These include skis, a t-shirt, a website home page, an advertising poster, business cards, and more.

A graphic charter was also created to explain the guidelines for the use of visual identity, in order to preserve the image of Rosablanche’s brand.


Skis and Outdoor Clothing

Logo Design

Website Home Page


Rosablanche’s Identity