The Ath-Bee

The Ath-Bee Project

The sculpture is made of reinforced fiberglass with the approximate dimensions and weight of 86x76x50 cm and 20kg. It was initially created by «Wild in Art» for the Manchester art event «Bee in the City». “Wild in Art is one of the leading creative producers of public art events, which connect businesses, artists and communities through the power of creativity and innovation. Since 2008 Wild in Art has animated cities across the world including Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town and São Paulo.” (1) The client, World Academy of Sports is a global organisation specialized in sports. After purchasing one of the sculptures, the purpose was to have it customized with a sports theme, the Ath-Bee (alias Athlete Bee). Furthermore, the art work should include the color identity of the organization and their background, as well as their connection with Manchester city.  
Therefore, after study of the request, in the body of the sculpture, the final result illustrated all the sports in which WAoS is active and their color identity. Both wings were illustrated, one with the history of
this organization and the other with the history of Manchester city. In the base of the sculpture, a typical cloudy Manchester sky and the city skyline were illustrated. The link between WAoS and Switzerland can be found in the wings illustration style as it was inspired by a Swiss popular art style called “découpage Pays- dʼEnhaut”.