Victorinox was created by Karl Elsener in 1884 in Ibach-Schwyz. This name is a combination of Karl Elsener mother’s name “Victoria” and “Inox”, the material used. After becoming a major swiss army supplier, the brand became worldwide known as the “Swiss Army Knife”. (1)

Every year since 2010, Victorinox produces a limited edition of its small 58 mm Classic pocket knife.

Victorinox decided 8 years ago to open a contest for creatives all over the world, to design their every year Classic Limited Edition. The theme this year was: Sports of the World. (2)

Two ideas were submitted for this contest, the both of them were about cycling. Unfortunately, on over 600 submissions, these two propositions were not selected, “c’est la vie” and there’s still next year’s contest limited edition to create!




Victorinox Design Contest Limited Edition 2020