Wine Labels

About this project


The purpose of this project was the creation of three wine labels for a small wine producer, in the context of an assignment for my studies at Design & Formation school​​​​​​​.
A blend of Gamaret-Garanoir from 2014, full and generous on the palate, with firm tannins, aromas of black fruits and notes of toast and cloves. A light and refreshing Chasselas from 2015, with a marked mineral character and notes of lime and grapefruit. And finally, a 2015 Pinot noir, supple and harmonious, fruity, light and silky, expressed on notes of raspberry and currant associated with a touch of undergrowth.
These wines, produced in small quantities, were aimed above all to connaisseurs and the producer would like to stand out from classic labels with attractive and distinctive colors.
In order to better reflect the intensity of Gamaret-Garanoir, the typical color of toast and clove was chosen. To translate the lightness of Chasselas by the typical color of linden flowers was used and finally, to express the fruity side of Pinot Noir, red fruits colors were prefered. A neutral dark gray for the background, gave a touch of modernity and intensity.
To increase the contrast effect and enhance the elegance of this project the texture chosen were a mat velvet paper for the background and varnished shiny 3D printing for the vivid colors.
Regarding the visual identity, a head badge shape was used, containing elements to illustrate the vineyard: sun, water and grapes. The wind completes this head badge, as an allusion to the name of this wine producer.
For the typography, the combination of Baskerville with Eloquent fonts give a “trendy” touch to these labels.